Ever since I started listening to Tommy Emmanuel, I have been influenced to play finger-style-bluesy-jazz...

So what kind of guitar does Tommy Emmanuel play? I know he plays Maton guitars but which one is his main guitar?

And also I was wondering what kind of guitar should I get? Any advice?


Oh and what is the main differnce between jumbo guitars and dreadnought guitars?
Well he uses his signature TE Maton Model. Whats your price range for a guitar?

and Jumbo guitars are the biggest guitars and will give u the most projection and strength in sound. Dreadnoughts are very similar though, but not as loud
Dont really have a price range... Unless its like 5000000 bucks. you know what I mean...
Well i have a Taylor and out of all the guitars i've tried out, i think they are the best. The Playability is amazing, the sound is outstanding, only problem is that they are expensive, but thats with every good top brand guitar. If you live in Australia, follow the trend, buy a maton or cole clark
Maton's are pretty damn good.
Same with Cole Clarks.
If you live in Australia buying one of these brands is your best bet above $1000 and below $4000
Get the Tommy Emmanuel Signature model if thats the sound you want.
If not, then pretty much any Maton/Cole Clark model are pretty bloody good