okay, so i have a marshall jcm2000 triple super lead half stack, and its wonderful and all, but it keeps on blowing fuses. it just started today and i have put 4 sets of fuses in it and it keeps on blowing them. does anyone know what is wrong with it, and what i could do to fix it?
Are you using the right fuses? They usually tell you on the top or bottom of the fuse what it needs, It's like a little number...such as 500mA 250V or something like that. You HAVE to have the right fuse or it will blow and possibly cause damage.
something is wrong causing the fuse to blow, it's a symptom of a problem, not "the" problem. First thing I would look at is powertubes, a short in one of the powertubes can cause that. Use the correct fuse rating so it does it's job correctly, and blows before any other components do.
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