Well, I ordered the parts for my passive a/b box and (exclusing the soldering equipment) cost less than £15 (Can't remember exactly). Well obviously building this myself would be cheaper than buying say a boss one for £40. Yeah, |I enjoy technology in school, and the little box will be fun to make, but I'm wondering whether it would be economical to make pedals from now on. I mean, the majority of builds seem to be fuzzes round here, and I personally can't stand fuzz. ATM, I have a bad monkey OD, WD-7 wah and an ehx small clone chorus, so I'm wondering if theres anything I could build that would be cheaper than buying, that would fit a metal/shred player.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a used pedal from ebay?

BTW, I think my next buy is either going to be an eq pedal, a delay or a volume.
Well some pedal builds are cheaper to build than buy because they arn't great quality. However, the top end pedals are cheaper to buy then to build. So I have been told.


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Depends on what pedal. If you want a Univibe, then it's so much cheaper to build one than buy it. Even a new one costs about 300 euros, nevermind a genuine vintage one in working condition...

On the other hand, if it's something like a DOD, you can get a second hand one for much less. Same applies to Boss pedals. They're not cheap, but it's cheaper to buy a pedal than build one.

And people build fuzzes cos they use common components. Choruses and Delays are much harder, and easier to buy.
I think that building pedals is more about being creative and/or if you're good at it, achieving your very own sound. I don't see it as saving money.
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I think that building pedals is more about being creative and/or if you're good at it, achieving your very own sound. I don't see it as saving money.

Yeah, I understand that, but I'm 14, and don't have a steady income, so I can't really afford to spend money on diy pedals that I don't need, just to gain experience. I only buy something if I'm 100% definately going to want/need it.
it all depends on the simplicity of the pedal, the simple ones like fuzz are generally cheap to build, so they tend to be built more. Things like analogue delay are almostimpossible for the amateur builder they're so complex, and would be expensive, considering the time and effort required, its a lot cheaper to buy a manufactured one. Manufacturers have access to much cheaper components than the small-time builder, but the ones we can get hold of tend to be high quality. And building your own pedals allows you to taylor them to your needs; eg. power jack, true bypass etc. or in my case, a power switch rather than stereo jack switching. Its not to save money that people make these things, its a hobby, and you can build things you cant buy, like noise-makers.

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boosters are easy to build too. some ODs aren't too complicated. mods are good too, somewhere there's a mod to turn a DS1 into a feedback factory.
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