Ok, I have 3 differnt picks and I have no idea what the difference is between them.
I have a


so what's so differnt about them, do they make you play easier?
Just different thicknesses. I use a 1.14 mm because I like the feel of it. I can play a bit faster with it versus a flimsy one but that's about it.
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just own preference, different thickness can make you play faster, acurate etc...

I prefer .071 to 1mm
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sorry i have to say this....

theres no such thing as plectrums. the actual word is plectra

just had to get that out of my head dont mind me
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You should go buy a wide variety of thickness, shape, and material picks to find out your preferance.

Personally I like the standard shaped jim dunlops .96 .73 and .60 . The 73 tends to be my favorite as it is very all rounding.

If you're strumming you might want a thinner plectrum - thicker picks tend to catch on the strings more when you're playing chords, whereas you might use a thicker one for picking out riffs, or if you're using JD picks, you can turn the pick round and use the thick end when you want to pick.