I'm really tired of only knowing the riffs that everyone knows of a song, or all the song but the solo. Only problem is, when I try to learn the solo, I play the notes it says but it doesn't sound right at all. How do you all learn the solos to your favorite songs?
are you in the right tuning?

do you know all the techniques that it says to play?

do you hold the notes long enough and you're using the right effects?

if you're doing all of these i have no clue
the first thing i do is look at the tab while the song is playing, try to pick out the notes and imagine where they'd be on the fretboard, maybe think about what fingers you'd use. then id try to give it a quick stab, and you can usually pick out the main little runs, then the other (usually trickier) bits will fall into place, and try to keep listening to the song over the days you're learning the solo (you should like the song anyway, so this wont bea problem) and just keep trying to see your fingers playing the song as you listen to it. that's what i do anyway
effects also have a good deal to do with the sound of a solo. for instance, Anesthesia pulling teeth would not sound the same until you had an OD pedal and Wah for your bass. the same goes for guitar. hope this helps
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Don't forget that it's also important to know how to improvise over a song.

Anyway, when your learning a solo don't even try to count (you know like: one-and two-and three-and four-and etc.). Learn the right rythm by ear.
If you're having trouble with one part of a solo then first try it VERY SLOWLY so you van play it perfectly without thinking. Then graduadly proceed to play it faster.

This is how I work out solo's and it works fine for me.
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Whenever I try to learn one I listen to it over and over whilst reading the tab, noting where the notes come in, then play without the music, then play with it. And then repeat. But if you don't have the same effects etc then it wont sound the same. Get Powerab or Guitarpro, I have Powertab and it makes life so much easier.
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If is a relatively long solo, break it to little parts and practice the same amount of time each part. Don't stay too long playing just one lick cause if you do, after an hour or more, you will get worse.
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learn lick by lick, then, when you've learned all of them practice to get the right timing and good speed

and listen to the song a lot