hello there i was asked to put my article in here to get some approval so here it is

I' ve not been a member on this site for long and I'm always comming across people in the forums who seem only interested in one type of music be it punk, rock or metal and I can't help but think this is a little stupid. We all pick up guitars for different reasons and are inspired by different bands and genres (Led Zeppelin made pick up mine) but if you want to be a good player you cannot and should not just restrict yourself to one type of music, because as much as it may have inspired you to play you will generally come to a dead end as far as your playing is concerned.

If you want to be original then you have to offer something that hasn't been done in your genre before and you will find that inspiration in the many other styles out there, e.g. spanish guitar or jazz etc...
We all have our goals and if we are going to achieve them then we should open our eyes to all the different types of music out there, because the music that you listen to today has gone through a long journey in order to get there and if you don't understand that then your just going to pump out the same old generic crap that we've all heard before. That's what our good friends at pop idol do every year and if your just in it for the money then you should funk off.

Learning about how the different styles of music came into being and their inspirations might just surprise you and you might find yourself listening to something you thought you wouldn't like purely because you saw yourself as a certain type of musician. I mean rock and roll was born out of blues music, which also inspired mowtown and RnB and eventually hip hop.

I know I might make myself some enemies by suggesting that hip hop is music but it is and although you won't always find musical inspiration from this type of music, what with it being the same thing repeated over and over, you might learn how to express yourself better and more powerfully through words. You might also see how talented some musicians who play with artists like James Brown and other people from this era really are.

Don't let your image effect what you listen to. I know some bands make loads of money wearing the clothes they do and acting the way they do off stage but what people really respect is talent.

But there is more to different variaties then what America has to offer and I'm sure you enjoy some different styles yourself, as I said earlier Spanish guitar is as varied and enjoyable to listen to as rock and punk. It's not necissarily what you think it is and has its own variations all over the world. Don't just enjoy these different styles on the rare times you hear them on the radio, be active and buy albums and learn songs!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting we all start fingerplucking and rapping, I think that if you listen to one type of music just to feel part of a crowd then your shooting yourself in the foot. If you want people to pick their ears up and listen to what your trying to express on your guitar then your going to have to be original and find the best way to express yourself musically. If you do this then you will automatically be original because aren't we all different?
I agreed with everything except hip-hop is music. I personally find I can get better lyrics out of an aria written in russian than hip-hop. Rap's ok though.
thanks for your opinion, but just like with any kind of music you gotta filter through all the crap to find the gems, cheers!

feel free to write down any opinions or rate it its my first article and just wanna see if anyone found it useful/interesting/pointless etc..
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Change the title so it doesn't sound like you're having a go at punk music, maybe extend it a bit by taking in more examples of how different genres were born out of/influenced by otehr genres.
like sir edwin said i would change the title
but otherwise some good points that a lot of people ignore
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