hi everyone

I'm trying to get into learning some theory after lots of years just messing about and to try breaking out of my huge creative rut.

I'm stuck with improvising using scales, say for instance the pentatonic scale, once you know all positions and can play reasonably smoothly either seperately or in one run, I'm not sure when you would use them, I'm guessing for a run right across the neck which needs to be in the same key. (is this right?)

I usually use the easy box 1 style with the box shape either side to build a riff off which gives me plenty of note choice in one key. I also use pos 1 and jump around the neck which I guess gives a riff in a few different keys but am not really sure which is right.

Just want to get this cleared up before going on to more complicated scales as can't see the point of learning all the positions if I won't use them, seems a lot of different opinions on this in books etc, some say you only need one position to solo in any key some say learn all 5.

Any advice greatly received, oh and be nice I'm old.

LoL maybe a guitar teacher would be a good idea dude!..

I dont fancy writing an essay! im sure some1 will tho..
learn alot of different songs, see how they do it, then learn something from it.

try stealing some licks from some of the artist you like, put them into your own stuff, then figure out what fits in where best. Think about why it does, what effect does that kinda lick provide. Sooner or later you will get it.

of course you can just do it in one position, all the notes are there, but do learn all the boxes. Every guitarist you see flying around the neck is basically improvising around the 5 boxes. Pentatonic boxes are crucial in learning to solo and for any rock guitarist.

Of course if a song is in the key of Am, you only use the Am or Cmaj boxes, just emphasize the different roots. You stay with the same key, you can use all 5 boxes so long as you stay in the same key. You CANNOT use the first box of Bm to solo in Am.. You are only allowed to use all the 5 positions of the Am scale, NOT ANY OTHER KEY!

When you say jump around with the same box, i assume your just jumping into the next octave, that means your using the same first position box but exactly 12 frets higher. That is fine, but all that you are doing is jump jumping octaves.

If your still not clear and need a proper answer.. pm me.. id be glad to help out..

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simplest answer, all 5 positions belong to the same key. If you shift position 1 to a different fret, all 5 are now shifted, and you are playing in a different key.

You can solo only knowing the first position and staying there. Playing that position on different frets for different songs in different keys.

It is however better to learn all 5 positions, it gives you 22-24 frets worth of notes in key, rather then just position 1.

5th fret pos 1 , Am.. pos 2 Am pos3 Am pos4 Am pos 5 Am and fret 17 is pos1 again, in Am.

Next song

3rd fret pos 1, Gm pos 2... etc
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Simple solution, stop playing in boxes, shapes, and patterns, and play notes.
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Just be.

Scales are notes, not shapes, boxes, or patterns.
Xtopher and ToXyN - thanks a lot for the quality answers
Other 2 guys - was that really worth typing

I guess my first post was a long winded way of asking wether its generally acceptable to change keys mid song e.g. using pos 1 throughout starting 5th Am then going 10th Dm and back to Am to finish.

So appreciate you guys clearing that up, theres loads of info on how to do something but not much on why and its important to get each stage right I think when learning before moving on to the next even if you do look a bit stoopid.