i decide
at some point
this is what i am
sterilize hope

how far i ran
to meet this
repeat the phrase "i can"
feel it faulter


reach me
one last time
draw that line
let me try
i'll cross it one day
i'll be on our side

i can be all that i am
but inside without you
i am empty
waiting fo you to be here
so i can remember
what its like to hope

you will never change
no matter how deep i sink
no matter how far i drift
and in an instant
chaos crucified
dreams forever lost

in a heart beat
hope restored
in an instant
a new world

We're only strays.
Quote by RUIN717
wat kinda band is this for, like what genre?

Well I'm in a regular metalcore band, but this is for my own stuff which is basicly metalcore with no screaming. But its starting to get more like... bluescore lol.

EDIT: post a links to songs.
We're only strays.
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very nice, it kinda 'radiated' emotion. quite in your face but subtle as well. good job 8/10.

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