I ordered some music gear and they shipped it on saturday (the 27th). I chose 2 day shipping and when I track it on the UPS website it says the scheduled delivery date is January 31st. I think 5 days is a little too much for 2 day shipping... but the question is: did any of you guys get your package from UPS 1 day before the scheduled delivery date? For some reason I remember this happening to me but I'm not sure. I dont mind the extra day but the lesser the wait the better
your just soo excited about it aren't you? what did you get i never ordered anything from UPS that i remember but what did you order??
lol i hate that, my bass pedal took 2 days longer than they said it would, damn near killed me.
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its called business days dude, you ordered on the 27th which was a saturday, so it will take monday to process, and tuesday/wednsday to ship
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They usually include processing time with the shipping. FedEx got me on that one, it took them 3 days to process one of my orders, and another 4 to ship, when i paid for 5 day shipping.

pissed me off.