I'm trying to get shows for a young female guitarist and singer who does alternative and acoustic music, both covers and good original material; in the Long Island area (we are way out east). So if anyone here can help me get her booked or knows of any places, I'd appreciate the help.
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As a young, consistantly gigging (rock) musician in the LI area (Baldwin) I'm going to tell you it's going to be rather difficult. Many, many places require you to be able to attract at least 10-15 or you get reduced pay or can't play. Also assuming she's around my age (15) it'll be even harder since most places are 18 and over too. Her best bets are opening up for other bands in the area or at cafes. It's really difficult to be a stand alone acoustic act, and its especially unnerving if the crowd doesn't react the right way. We built a fan base so we have no problem attracting people, even 18 and over (which is what you need). There's a nice place called The Cup in Wantagh that lets bands play- we've never played there but the coffee is excellent.

Glad to be of help.