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c'mon in and lets talk about some CANADIAN TALENT!!!!!
most canadian music is under-rated and no one has ever heard of them outside of canada...thats not always the case but whatever.
heres a video for you all to enjoy (you dont have to post a video though)
The Tragically Hip - Grace, Too

canada ftw
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and arrogant worms are teh r0x0rs.
jackson dinky build!

do you live in a country?

pics dude or a vid of you trying to say 'bananaramapancake'
so it comes out brabrabrabwabwa

^about when i came home from the dentist and my face was numb from novacaine.
hmm i didnt really post any canadian bands i like...
RUSH, the tragically hip, our lady peace, metric, alexisonfire...those are some examples i guess...
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your avatar rules
The Trews, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Our Lady Peace, Mariana's Trench, The Tragically Hip, ummm... Theory Of A Dead Man, Moneen, Mobile.. list goes on. Canada is obviously going to be the new music capital of the world. We rock.
2 guys very few people outside Canada who are absolutely spectacular: Kim Mitchell (Max Webster, and solo) and Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad, and solo)

check them out. also. RUSH!

and James Labrie of Dream Theater grew up in Canada

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April Wine.

Originally posted by turinbrakes
actually YOU SUCK

"I once read a poem, held my breath
But that moment's gone
First time I felt life, somewhat hurts
Need an option and some hope "

Anders Fridén


* Chixdiggit!
* Big Sugar
* Hot Nasties
* Inner Surge
* Loverboy
* Reverie Sound Revue
* The Stampeders
* Tegan and Sara
* Tetrix_(band)


* Captain Tractor
* Cadence Weapon
* Psyche
* Social Code
* Our Mercury
* Shout Out Out Out Out
* Ten Second Epic


* Nickelback (Now based out of Vancouver, British Columbia)

[edit] British Columbia


* Fun 100
* Hedley
* Kenneth Montgomery Keillor
* You Say Party! We Say Die!


* Lillix


* Cry of the Afflicted
* The Grapes of Wrath
* Stutterfly

Port Moody

* Trooper


* 3 Inches of Blood
* 54-40
* A Spectre Is Haunting Europe
* Black Mountain
* Chilliwack
* Cub
* Destroyer
* Default
* Econoline Crush
* Front Line Assembly
* Gob
* Heart
* Images in Vogue
* LiveonRelease
* Lights Below
* Matthew Good Band
* Ox
* P:ano
* Pink Mountaintops
* Precious Fathers
* Rascalz
* Removal
* Skinny Puppy
* Spirit of the West
* Stabilo
* Strapping Young Lad
* Sweatshop Union
* Swollen Members
* State of Shock
* TAS 1000
* Theory of a Deadman
* The Manvils
* The New Pornographers
* The Organ
* The Subhumans
* Trooper


* Dayglo Abortions
* Hot Hot Heat
* Jets Overhead
* Johnny and the Moon
* Moneyshot
* NoMeansNo
* Theset
* Swollen Members
* Immaculate Machine
* Shapes and Sizes

[edit] Manitoba

Portage La Prairie

* Doc Walker


* Farrell Brothers


* The Pets
* The Undecided
* The Waking Eyes


* Bachman-Turner Overdrive
* Bif Naked
* Buffalo Springfield
* burnthe8track
* The Canadian Sweethearts
* Chantal Kreviazuk
* One of These Days
* Comeback Kid
* Cone Five
* The Consumer Goods
* Crash Test Dummies
* Diz Disley
* Doctor (band)
* The Duhks
* Christine Fellows
* Figure Four
* Fresh I.E.
* The Guess Who
* Harlequin
* Ironhorse
* Jet Set Satellite
* MacLean and MacLean
* McMaster & James
* Mood Ruff
* Mr. Pine
* Nemo
* Nathan
* Paper Moon
* The Paperbacks
* The Perpetrators
* Projektor
* Propagandhi
* John K. Samson
* Remy Shand
* Starfield
* Tin Foil Phoenix
* Under Pressure
* Unravelled Broken Orchestra
* Venetian Snares
* The Wailin' Jennys
* Michael Walker of The Shys
* The Watchmen
* The Weakerthans
* The Wyrd Sisters
* Neil Young

[edit] Newfoundland & Labrador

St. John's

* Great Big Sea
* Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers


* Jenny Gear And The Whiskey Kittens

[edit] New Brunswick

Saint John

* Grand Theft Bus


* Eric's Trip
* Elevator

[edit] Northwest Territories


* The Godson
* Namullim

[edit] Nova Scotia


* The Trews

Cape Breton

* The Rankin Family
* Richmond Hill

Cole Harbour

* Matt Mays and El Torpedo


* April Wine
* In-Flight Safety
* Jale
* Sixtoo
* Sloan
* Wintersleep

Mount Uniacke

* Buck 65

[edit] Ontario


* Sum 41
* Closet Monster


* The End
* The Junction
* Moneen


* Boys Night Out
* The Creepshow
* Finger Eleven
* Grade
* Idle sons
* Jersey
* Silverstein
* Spoons


* Barstool Prophets


* Caribou
* Junior Boys
* Winter Equinox


* Constantines
* Royal City
* King Cobb Steelie
* The Kramdens


* A Northern Chorus
* Chore
* Cursed (Members of)
* Forgotten Rebels
* Junkhouse
* The Reason
* Stan Rogers
* Sons of Butcher
* Teenage Head
* Warsawpack


* Hawksley Workman


* The Arrogant Worms
* Bedouin Soundclash
* Sarah Harmer
* The Headstones
* I Hate Sally
* Moist
* The Tragically Hip


* Helix (band)
* Rotting (band)


* Kittie
* Machete Avenue
* The Gandharvas
* The Weekend
* Thine Eyes Bleed
* Two-Minute Miracles


* The Most Serene Republic


* Billy Talent
* The End
* Triumph


* Glass Tiger
* Rush
* Tokyo Police Club

Niagara Falls

* Honeymoon Suite

North Bay

* High Holy Days


* Saga


* Gordon Lightfoot


* Cuff the Duke
* Anagram


* Annihilator
* Five Man Electrical Band
* Furnaceface
* Iszoloscope
* Massari


* Hawk Nelson
* Three Days Grace

Sault Ste. Marie

* Treble Charger


* Barenaked Ladies

St. Catharines

* Alexisonfire


* Dead Celebrity Status
* Ox
* Project Wyze


* Moxy Früvous


* Shania Twain


* Armed and Hammered
* Augusta (band)
* Barenaked Ladies
* The Band
* The Battered Wives
* The Birthday Massacre
* The Black Maria
* Blue Peter
* Broken Social Scene
* By Divine Right
* Cancer Bats
* controller.controller
* Cowboy Junkies
* The Deadly Snakes
* Death from Above 1979
* dodger
* Do Make Say Think
* Femme Fatale
* Fifth Column
* Final Fantasy
* ****ed Up
* The Government
* Hayden
* I Mother Earth
* I am Robot and Proud
* Key Witness
* Lava Hay
* The Lowest of the Low
* Magneta Lane
* The Meligrove Band
* Metric
* Moxy
* Nash the Slash
* Our Lady Peace
* Pilot Speed (formerly known as Pilate)
* Rheostatics
* Spiral Beach
* Tin Bangs
* Thornley
* Thousand Foot Krutch


* Protest the Hero
* k-os
* The Mark Inside


* 13 Engines
* The Tea Party

[edit] Prince Edward Island

* Haywire
* Two Hours Traffic

[edit] Québec


* AIDS Wolf
* Aldo Nova
* The Arcade Fire
* Ballast
* Bootsauce
* Born Dead Icons
* The Box
* Les Colocs
* Corey Hart
* Les Cowboys Fringants
* Cryptopsy
* The Dears
* Doughboys
* Esmerine
* Les Georges Leningrad
* Godspeed You! Black Emperor
* Tim Hecker
* Hrsta
* Ion Dissonance
* Islands
* Kataklysm
* Kiss Me Deadly
* Kulcha connection
* Carole Laure
* Lesbians on Ecstasy
* Lewis Furey
* The Lovely Feathers
* Mahogany Rush
* Malajube
* Kate and Anna McGarrigle
* Me Mom and Morgentaler
* Men Without Hats
* Mobile (band)
* A Perfect Murder
* The Planet Smashers
* Pulse Ultra
* Quo Vadis
* Rational Youth
* Reset
* The Sainte Catherines
* Sam Roberts
* Set Fire to Flames
* Shalabi Effect
* A Silver Mt. Zion
* Simple Plan
* Stars
* The Stills
* Sunset Rubdown
* Tiga
* Les Trois Accords
* Martha Wainwright
* Rufus Wainwright
* Wolf Parade


* Voivod


* La Bottine Souriante
* Les Cowboys Fringants

[edit] Saskatchewan


* Into Eternity
* The Orchard
* Sylvie
* Queen City Kids
* Means
* Kick Axe
* Despistado


* Volcanoless in Canada
* The Northern Pikes
* Wide Mouth Mason
* The Charlies

....just off the top of my head
The Arcade Fire and Godspeed You! Black Emperor would be mine.

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you didnt seriously come up with that list from do know the exact cities of ALL the bands!!!!
Quote by ImSheddingSkin
your avatar rules
Neil Young!!
When they kick at your front door
how are you gonna come
with your hands on your head
or on the trigger of your gun
Quote by danzig-_-
you didnt seriously come up with that list from do know the exact cities of ALL the bands!!!!
It's from wikipedia.

Portal ftw.
We just keep coming out with more and more good bands:

Broken Social Scene
The Deadly Snakes
Junior Boys
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
A Silver Mt. Zion
Deat hFrom Above 1979
Jason Collett
The Arcade Fire
The New Pornographers
The Dears
The Constantines
Do Make Say Think
Final Fantasy

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I meant caveman as in long haired....

Rush, Cryptopsy, Gorguts, and Quo Vadis are the first that come to mind.
Billy Talent, Tragically Hip
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Rush and James Labrie.
"If faith is the answer we've already reached it
and if spirits a sign, then it's only a matter of time"
personaly my fav canadian band would be rush....anybody mention the Tragicly Hip yet?...probably
Broken Social Scene
Apostle of Hustle
Jason Collett
Amy Millan
Wolf Parade
Arcade Fire
The New Pornographers
Final Fantasy
Do Make Say Think
Godspeed You Black Emperor
By Divine Right
KC Accidental
The Most Serene Republic
The Dears
The Hidden Cameras
A.C. Newman
& Broken Social Scene this car to drive to work... drive to work to pay for this car...

We've got eyes that leave us in places we don't see...

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No one else likes April Wine?

Man....they are amazing.... Possibly the Best Canadian Classic Rock Band.
Originally posted by turinbrakes
actually YOU SUCK

"I once read a poem, held my breath
But that moment's gone
First time I felt life, somewhat hurts
Need an option and some hope "

Anders Fridén
the unicorns/the islands (sme of the best indie rock out of quebec)
Ion dissonace and despised Icon (deathcore from quebec as well)
protest the hero(crazy good)
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I love you, Killer Bacon.
Arcade Fire are pretty cool

The bassist went to our high school so they came and played a show for us in our cafeteria a few weeks ago. Apperently there was about 200-300 people crammed in our cafe.

I have nothing more to add to this.
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you've just proven that you're the most ignorant fuck on this website...

Thank you
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wasn't steppenwolf mainly canadian?
like vocalist john kay and their organist?
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