Ive heard of a few distortion pedals with tubes in them and was wondering, are they better than solid state pedals? and if yes just how good are they?
I think theyre pretty good - like the EHX english muff-n. Theres some sound sample of their site
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Yes tubes beat SS any day.........and how good depends on which pedal suits ya.
^ I agree. Tube distortion pedals do not, per se, offer any benefit over solid state.
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i guess most of the problem with tube driven pedals are the voltages are too low for the tubes to be cooking and so you wont really get the full tube goodness.
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^-Wrong actually. Tubes can be powered at 12v or 6.3v depending on how you hook em up. The tubes in most amps are all being powered at 6.3v. Most pedal tubes are being powered at 12v. So this has nothing to do with it.