Ok, so I'm looking for a guitar under 300-350, preferably.

All I really need is a good body and a nice neck, because I intend to change everything else. Oh, and a FR style trem. Don't worry, it'll be replaced asap.

To that end, I was looking at Kramers, and they seemed to be what I'm looking for.

So is any of guys have handled the new Kramers, please let me know how they feel.

Feel free to mention any other options as well.
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the schecter damien fr is $50 above ur price range but looks really good im saving up for one right now i like the bat inlays a lot
kramers are good from what ive heard, never had any personal experience with them

i have however played the schecter, and it was a solid instrument

so id say save up a bit more and get the schecter
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