Ok guys I have a strat that currently has a super distortion in the bridge and a pro track in the middle and im looking for a good neck pickup that can handle the vai,satch,gilbert side of me. Right now I use the Super distorion for rock/metal, the pro track for blues/country/jazz, and so I just need a neck that will just be great for shred type stuff as I only use one pickup at a time and I never mix them. I was looking at either a paf pro or maybe an evo. But are there better pickups that handle these types better.
Petrucci uses an Air Norton.

and he uses the neck pickup 3 times as much as the bridge. he prefers it for solos, so listen to any dream theater 1999 and after (when he had his Musicman sig model.) its very shred appropriate
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Both the PAF Pro or the Evo make great shred neck p/ups. The Evo is more modern and higher output, whereas the PAF Pro is more vintage sounding. You may also want to consider the Air Norton and the Humbucker From Hell. Check out the Dimarzio website for far better explanations of the differences. Look at the user reviews on Harmony Central. Then make an informed stab in the dark and hope for the best...
ok, looks like its down to either the evo or air norton. Does anyone have any exp. with these pickups in an alder body? Im curious as to how the alder body will affect the tone. And to the guy who suggested emgs, did you even read my thread at all?
While they're both good, I'd say the Air Norton is a better match for your bridge p/up. Plus I like the idea of a neck p/up with good harmonics!
+1 The Air Norton is definitely a better match sonically for the Super Distortion - the Breed neck model works well with it too, similar to the Paf pro but hotter and more lower mids.
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The Air Norton is very solid as is the Virtual PAF, which is more of a classic tone.
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