Im not too sure, but i think its aint too good for the instrument in the long run.

Just buy a fretless, it might seem expensive now, but it'll worth it later.
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I asked something similar a while ago, i'm just going to buy a fretless because im scared of messing it up and ruining my bass
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I wouldn't suggest doing it unless you have an old/extra bass laying around that you don't really use.

If you do, try de-fretting it yourself, it isn't hard. In fact, it's probably one of the easier DIY major mods you can do to your bass. If you want just PM me or reply on this topic and I'll give you a step by step as to how I did it.
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Be sure to heat the frets with solder first or else you risk chipping your fretboard. Heres a brief step by step.
1. Heat frets with soldering iron
2. Pry out very carefully with chisel
3. Clean the groves
4. If need be widen it for whatever your filling it with. (I used popsicle sticks, thin maple strips work well too)
5. Glue in the maple strips.
6. Sand lightly. Work your way up from 100 grit untill it's smooth.
7. Finish the fingerboard with tung oil.

Look at the link to my mod thread in my sig. Theres a few pics of the final product.
TESTIMONIAL: I just did it. It isn't bad, but it's a little hard to get your head around. I only had a few scratches, which got covered with a coat of varnish.

Use a soldering iron. A regular iron, despite various websites that said otherwise, simply doesn't cut it. Put a very thing screwdriver right along the line of the fret and just use a digging prying motion I can't really describe or show you. They pop out very easily once hot, and fuck man, is it satisfying. I taped up all the space in between frets to minimize damage. It was fairly smooth. I did some light sanding, then decided to epoxy the fret holes up, which was my main mistake. It didn't dry well or fill the holes neatly, and when i broke the excess stuff of it discolored the fretboard. Thus, the need for varnish.

However, once it was all done, it played fantastically and re-interested me in an old instrument. Unless you are really, really thick, it's hard to do any major damage. Believe me, I was pretty much winging it, and almost nothing went wrong.
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