I started looking at the electro-harmonix metal muff and I'm considering buying it.
My only question is what are it's dimentions? (height, width, length)
I need to know if it'll fit in my pedalboard. (not that if it doesn't fit I'll completely rule it out, but I want to know if I would need to rebuild a new pedalboard for it.)
actually i want the answer to that question too.
And while were at it, the dimensions of a USA Big Muff Pi too please?
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it's big, at least 8 inches wide, 6 tall. probably 2 inches thick.
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8 ft wide

9 feet tall

3.98 carrots in weight

if u want small go for one of the 2 smaller versions lol
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I'd say about 7-8" wide, 6" tall, and 1-1.5" deep
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USA Big Muff Pi dimensions anyone?
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I'd say it pretty big. I don't know for sure but I'd ESTIMATE length 15cm, width 12 cm and height 3 cm.

Just get the micro metal muff.
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Well I won't bother checking musicians friend but it's on that site.

In the store I remember the metal muff being around
7 in. -Length

4 in.- Height

1 in. - Thick

that's just a very general idea.

Big Muff is huge also on Musiciansfriend.com


8 in.- Length

6 in. Width

1 in. -1.5 in. in Depth.

It's pretty big...
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to me the metal muff literally takes over any amp in the clean channel and create its own sound....
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I have one, though not with me at the moment.. i can tell you its not 8 INCHES WIDE! Thats HUGE.
^^^zeppelinpage4, they usually have the dimentions on musiciansfriend, but I've already checked for the metal muff and they don't have the dimentions. (they don't have it for the big muff Pi either)

And to sum up the hi-jacks of this thread,
HugeRed wants the dimentions for the USA Big Muff Pi.
Wongacaster wants to know if it's suitable for a tube amp, or if it will rape his tone.
And I'm going to hijack my own thread with: Is the micro metal muff or the nano metal muff much different from the actual metal muff in terms of sound, not size?
Also if anyone who owns a metalmuff could actually measure one, that'd be better than lots of guessing.
Thanks again
thanks for the reminder james lol. i hijacked your page and youre helping me lol

zeppelinpage- is the big muff really wider than the metal muff? the metal muff seemed much wider!

and mainly

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The smaller Metal Muffs are just about the same in circuitry. I believe the only difference is (duh) the size, and a few knobs left off.