We are a new band trying to get started out in North Carolina called Idle Torture. Right now we have 3 guitarists and a drummer, but we are still looking for a singer. Go to our MySpace below, add us to your friends, listen to the song we are workin on and tell us what you think! That song is only our 3 guitarists (myself included) and our drummer has made a drum beat to go with it but we havent had time record him in it yet due to scheduling difficulties. But like I said, add our myspace and tell us what you think!

Our MySpace is


Join us and tell us what you think!!!
I have to say, brilliant ideas, but the execution... try recording directly from the amps to a computer, and try to use metronomes.
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^ you live up to your title.

I wanted to say that but I thought it would be too mean... seriously keep on trying, I'm sure you won't always be "idle torture".