hi guys
im making an acoustic electric hybrid guitar, its not a semi acoustic! i was wondering is there a way of putting a electric neck onto an acoustic? i'd like a 21 or a 22 fret neck. thanks for the help!
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^stratocoustic, or whatever they are called
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I believe Dix_Fix has one, he said they are pretty much garbage.
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ugly little critters too, anywho i think you could do it, it would just take some doin!
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Well that is my take on the strataccustic (they are crap BIG TIME)
Fender should be ashamed to put their name to them.
There are heaps of good accustic guitars with fast electric type necks.
I bought a 40 year old Egmond archtop accustic on eBay for $400
it sounded pretty good but not good enough so i converted it to
nylon & now it is the guitar i have been looking for for a while
i.e. a narrow neck 21 fret nylon accustic Oh bliss

Here she is

The tailpiece original

how i tiied the nylon for testing

my mod (completely reversable in the same amount of time it takes to re-string)

Cool eh

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