Im trying to get close to his sound on these songs they are pretty similar to me, i know its a chorus or rotary drum of some kind but its really weird because you can hear his chords without being muddy but then he plays notes on the E and A strings and they still have a really nice punch to it

any way i have a line6 pod and a guild aviator with 86 emgs so if anyone has any ideas or experiance on this let me know
Ah, what an excellent player Alex is. He typically has some chorus and maybe slight gain on his guitar. Specifics, I can't really help. Try the gear related forums, or even the electric guitar one for additional help.
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he mainly uses Gibson Les Paul Customs if im not mistaken, Xanadu he uses his double-neck SG of course.

he has a signature Hughes and Kettner TriAmp. which is to die for. so its pretty hard to get close to his tone. his flawless rhythm technique helps too.

but i usually have my gain on 2-3, treble on 6-7, mids at 4, and bass at 4-5, when i want to 'simulate' his epic sound.
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