Me and a friend of mine have to do an assignment for History class, and we came to an agreement to recreate the Invasion of Normandy (D-day) as a model.

We plan on making it from scratch, and have until mid-march to finish it. We have googled everywhere, but can't find what we would use to make certain things such as water and grass. We plan on using sand paper for the beach, and making pillboxes, trenches, hedgehogs, and anything else out of wood.

Anybody have any ideas what to use for water and grass?
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Get some model puddy, smear it around where the water is and mold it into waves, then paint it like water (generally different hues of blue with white tips on the tall waves). For the grass just find some textured paper or something and paint it yellowish green.
i thought by the title you meant something like in zoolander, lol!

anyway you can maybe buy some green/blue carpet or some small samples of turf for grass.
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Use water and grass, but miniature versions. Like, cut it up really really small.

so how are you going to cut the water smart guy?
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you could mix some good ol' PVA glue with blue paint for the water..
it'll give that extra shiney finish that Neil is always talking about...
sure why not slap it over the whole thing?

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Ha Ha, when I read the first sentence of the thread, Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventures came to mind.
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Go to your local Wrhammer fagg... I meman, Games Workshop and ask the geeks there for advice.

I'd say you can use foam for the terrain. Crve it out and cover it in glue, then pour loads of sand on the glue. Instant beach! You can get cool green flock to use for the grass.

As for the water, you can get crazy ass epoxy stuff, and mix it with blue dye. Carefull though. Or, as may have been suggested already, water down some PVA and put blue food colouring in.

Then make loads of turrets and stuff from card, and get some wire to look like barbed wire and stuff... Just be creative and have fun lol.

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Ha Ha, when I read the first sentence of the thread, Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventures came to mind.