Do you tap your foot to the metronome's beat? is it better that i do it cause i kinda see it as a distraction and i screw up while playing
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You're supposed to tap your foot to the tempo you're playing at, so yeah, tapping your foot to the metronome ain't a bad thing.
yeh you really should tap your foot with the metronome. it'll help your own personal sense of rhythm. practice that alot, too.
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You should definately tap your foot to the metronome. I remember when I couldnt keep rhythm and my coordination with my foot was always off. It took me three days to actually learn to keep beat. I read so many metronome threads to figure out how the little tickin bugger worked!
Ya tap your foot to it. You will develop a good sense of rhythm and when you dont have the metronome working, your foot will be trained (and head) to tap in time.
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