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Well, i was just wondering if anyone uses the Lynx body spray? And which particular type you use? As in Touch, Africa, Apollo, Unlimited etc.

I feel like making pointless threads.

Oh yea, i prefer Lynx Unlimited.

Edit: I just found out it's also called Axe in some places.
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I'll save you the trouble, I've never looked twice at a guy with Axe/Tag etc, nor any other girls I know. So dun' bother.
wtf is africa....lmao it mustve not come out in my area yet.

i use phoenix and kilo.....mmmm so good
The kind that doesn't make you smell like a cheap man-slut...Oh wait...all of them do.
i dont use it, i think all of them smell horrible. i think people only use it because its "the big thing" right now
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I prefer the manliest of all deodorants: Old Spice original scent

/me is badass

EDIT: GODDAMMIT. I spelled deodorant wrong Fixed now.
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It's either Lynx Africa, or smell like shit in an ashtray all day, due to the fact you were out while 3 am at a gig in the shadiest bar you know and threw up down some chick's chest, and then woke up too late to shower or change

I know which I'd choose
reviving old threads FTW!!

...don use axe
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