I decided to think about taking higher philosophy in my secondary school as a higher level subject. I've asked a number of people what the subject involves but I've not really had an in-depth answer.

Anyone take this subject or know what is actually done in class?
Every school is different - so I don't have a clue as to what is covered.

My college offers Aesthetics, Epistomology, Historical Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, Ethics, as well as many other courses in philosophy. I've taken about 6 so far.
I did an A-level in philosophy. To be honest, if you don't like writing essays at all, just drop philosophy. Philosophy is all about arguments and essay writing and lots of A01 and A02 points. Philosophy is a historical subject and in no way new. In fact, there are more philosophy books in the world than any other subject and extends all the way to Ancient Greek thinkers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle (it eventually moved more towards the west being centralized in 5 major countries: the UK, France, Germany and Greece and Italy.

Philosophy is all about the mind. It may sound a little cliche, but it's how a subject of how the world works and how the mind thinks. Every single subject can be attributed to Philosophy. For instance, maths. In philosophical terms, maths is seen as the only universal language in that any intelligent lifeform has the capability to understand it. You can branch that out in other subject areas to, most significantly, science. I did philosophy of science back a year ago. That was all about the validity of science. You can extend that even further - do you believe that it's right that we use science in order to find out more about ourselves, in the sense that, is it right that we can meddle around what God has to offer? You can extend that further...does God really exist? A famous philosopher, Pascal came up with his famous wager to argue the point that it was rational to believe in God. Why?

1. If you believe there is a God but there isn't in the end, you die winning anyway
2. If you believe there is a God, and there is in the end, you win
3. If you don't believe in God and there turns out to be one, you go to hell
4. If you don't believe in God and there isn't one, well that's indifferent.

I hope this has given you a little introduction on the scope of philosophy.
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It includes things like Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, etc.
It also talks about some of the more famous and innovative philosophers and history, like Karl Marx and Socrates, to name a couple.
I love philosophy, but drop it if you hate writing essays.
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I don't "hate" essay-writing, but I don't exaclty love it either. How many essays have you guys had to write over the course of the subject? Thanks amylee, just what I was looking for.

Sean3h - Haha, yeah, until we have to write teh essays
Hey, I'm picking my Higher Subjects too soon.


How did your prelims go?


If anybody has taken Philosophy here, how difficult is it? A lot of people think Modern Studies is the easiest higher you can take, but I guess it differs with each person, but how does philosophy compare to other subjects?
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is that like A levels?

i'm taking A2 philosophy. it's ok, so long as you have a decent attention span.

first year = epistemology, philosophy of religion, and descartes meditations

second year = humes enquiries into human understanding, philosophy of mind, and a synoptic study.

at my college, anyway.
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I personally like philosophy but understand why most people do not like it. Those who write philosophy tend to use cryptic language and dance around the point without getting right to it. Makes them feel superior to confuse people I quess. If you can get past the linguistic tap dancing philosophy is a great way to get you into questioning the various possibilities in situations.