Hello, I am looking for and underoath sound through my orange AD30TC. It will sound very close because it is the same amp the guitarist from underoath uses. Im also using the same guitar(a tele). I ahve tried but can't find a good setting!? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and i went through pages of the ultimate setings thread but found nothing(I also used the search engine!)

Which album are you looking at? Coz they have a different sound with each album.
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Im looking mostly for a "Their Only Chasing Safety" sound, But that and a "Define the Great Line" sound would be nice
Well, the Rhythm tone on "They're only Chasing Safety" is done with the Orange. The lead was done with Timmy's amp (Peavey 5150). For a "Define the Great Line" tone, Timmy used a JCM800 and a Soldano (SLO 100 I think). The last time I saw them, there was no Orange amp on stage, the was a JCM800 and a Plexi. Those would probably capture the new discs tone a bit better. As for getting your tone, set Treble and Mids higher, and drive up pretty high Id imagine.
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they have a bassy sound, and the leads dont stand out much
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