Looks like a guitar, you know the thing that has six strings, and is used to play a lot of different styles of music.

Honestly though, that idea sounds like something that will fail horribly. I mean it's a great idea, but there is no way they will pull it off well.
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there are a bunch of "electric fx" guitars,line6 makes some,gibson has the new lp thats that way,danelectro makes a few,but the strat is prolly one of the top ones id say looks and sounds nice,ive heard the line6 variax is bad,and the new gibby is supposed to be nice,but i havent seen ne vids or clips....it looks nice,i wonder what its price is,most of the otehrs like the variax and the gibby r a bit to much.....
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Holy crap how much does it cost, i'm gettin one...
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I think it's a horrible website. You can't turn the bloody sound off at all, god damn inconsiderate.

Apart from that, seems okay.
There is a video on youtube it really is awesome although the guy playing it it pretty damn good..
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I posted this a few days ago and all I received was flamings
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I'm tempted to report this thread because of how weird this is getting.

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I posted this a few days ago and all I received was flamings

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i know technology is awesome, but, do they need to put so much technology in a guitar, i mean, a neck ,a body ,3 pickups ,3 knobs ,a pickupsselector an input jack ,strings. bridge, some wires and 6 tuning machines (not sure about the name) are enough for me

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They are about $1700 bucks.. Expensive but if it sounds good I would get one. If I played in a band.. Actually if I new how to play worth a sh$@ I would get one!
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i like the way it changes tuning, but more advanced than line 6
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Good god, i hate led's, they should have hid that IMO.

and honestly i would rather just have 5 guitars lol!
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For the love of God, the search button is there for a reason.

along these lines...


Seriously you guys, there have been at least 10 threads about this thing. Even if you hadn't seen them, you can REST ASSURED that UG knows about Fender's "Revolutionary" new guitar.

It's like when two months after Sep. 11, my friend who lives in Chcago was like "Dood did you here what happened at the world trade center?"

edit: sorry, that wasn't helpful, If you want to discuss this thing, why can't you do it in one of the many existing threads?
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^ dude....., get off ur period its the ****ing internet.....
Just an influence.
Chill guys.

IMO these digital guitar ideas will just end in failure.
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