Does anyone have an opininon on the Dimarzio Norton or Tone Zone in the bridge? What exactly sets these two apart and which type of music would each be better for? thanks in advance.
I would like to know this too, I'm consdering a tone zone/air norton combo, and I want to know the difference between those and also the difference between a air norton and a air zone.
The Tone Zone is a little bassier, but slightly less warm sounding with a pronounced midrange spike. The Norton is more balanced ie no noticeable midrange spike and shades it for harmonics too - the Norton is the more versatile of the two.

The Air Zone is, very basically, a lower output version of the Tone zone...the Tone Zone can be a bit overwhelming and tends to work best if you have it further away from the strings than usual. The Air Zone has a lower string pull so can be closer to the strings
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