Ok, I have an old bass guitar that I was going to sell for like 20 bucks, but I figured it'd be more fun to try to mod. I got it for 10 last summer and its just been sitting around. It'd be nice to have another instrument to play with and whatever. When I opened it up it had all this nasty smelling glue and rust everywhere. Its got these gross "select" pickups supposedly designed by emg, but they sound like ass. I'm on a budget, but I'm in no rush so I don't really need to get it all the way done for a long time, It would be nice have it finished though...

Anyways, I want to do the following things:

            I'm nearing the end of the sanding process, here are some pics:

            Getting that darn stain off!

            Gotta fill the holes from where I ripped out the bridge. (The screws were all stripped out and so I just had to yank and cut, pretty crude, but oh well, sanding it down anyways..)

            Half Sanded:

            Nasty Electronics I pulled out.

            Ok, now for question time...

                        P.S. Sorry for all the nooby questions, I've done some research, but I just want some reassurance on things being this my first project like this and all...
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                        looks like it has some potential... i'll stick around to see how it turns out
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                        generally i figure everybody will say a badass bridge, and what kind of pickups are you looking for? active or passive? And i would replace the electronics.
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                        i think a nice translucent red would be good for thsis (like an Sg kinda finish)

                        bridge: Leo Quan Badass.

                        pickups: check Carvin. good pickups for pretty cheap

                        and yes, replace all the electronics
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                        wow, thanks for all the response, you guys are awesome! Will def check Carvin. I'll go for passive probably, but I'm not against active...
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                        oh crap, can someone move this into Gear Building and Customizing? sorry
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