dont want to flog a dead horse with a 'songs you play in this situation' thread, but ive been finding myself at a few parties lately with a guitar in my hands (as one does after a few drinks).

is good times getting everyone to sing alone and ive found that girls want to touch you more afterwards. haha. if only slightly...

here are 5 songs ive been playing:

the drugs dont work - the verve
wonderwall - oasis
better be home soon - crowded house
flake - jack johnson
everlong - foos

give us yours:
'id give you one of my beers but i only have six' - deja voodoo
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every rose has its thorn -Poison...when you get to the chorus, everyone sings along
wonderwall by oasis will get you the chicks.

trust me.from experience. it works.

good luck.
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english rose - the jam
brokedown palace - the grateful dead
sattelite (spelling?) - DMB
sweet jane - Velvet Underground
Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

check em out
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id like to get some pearl jam going but cant be bother with tunings... another good one is

fast times in taho - elemeno-p

NZ band that most probably havent heard of.


interstate love song - STP's
Plush - STP's
stand by me - whoever sing it
'id give you one of my beers but i only have six' - deja voodoo
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do black by pearl jam, thats in standard. maybe some simple man by skynyrd, some shinedowns always good too, and chili peppers, anything by them is great
Quote by davebooska
play that "its my party and i'll cry if i want to" song

yea and then run away into someones room crying. i like that idea.
'id give you one of my beers but i only have six' - deja voodoo
heres the ones i do, although they are 'achangin since most girls have heard me play them a few times and either aren't impressed anymroe or weren't to begin with:

1. "tyler" -the toadies
2. "if you could only see"- tonic (when i'm feeling like an especially cheesy b*tch)
3. "asilos magdalena"- the mars volta (yeah, i actually learned the spanish for this one = dedication to getting girls naked)
4. "soul meets body" or any other assorted DCFC songs
5. "the crane wife pt. 1"-the decemberists i like this one

happy panty-dropping
Take your mama by the scissor sisters is usually an interesting one, trying to hit the high chorus notes while you're drunk is a challenge. Even if you dont like the song, tis a fun and easy one to play. Doesn't really have the same effect without vocals.
Drive me home Jeeves
Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows gets everyone singing
Bohemian like you-The Dandy Warhols
I want you back-Jackson 5 (havent had a chance to try that one out yet)
finally someone mentions Flake. i love that song
my five probably

Flake- Jack Johnson
Under the Bridge- RHCP
Saw Red- Sublime
Bubble Toes- Jack Johnson
and anything by O.A.R