i was wondering what would make a beter post hardcore/alternative/classic/hard rock and some metal sound...a seymour duncan sh-4 jb model bridge+ duncan sh-2 jazz model neck/ or a sh-6 duncan distortion bridge+jazz model neck/ or duncan sh-8 invader+ shpg-1 pearly gates in the neck... any suggestions would be great
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I'll second that. If you wanna go balls to the wall, get the Dimebucker for the bridge...just make sure you have on clean underwear!!
no to the dimebucker heard most peoplee say its not great, dimerbag used some bill lawrence puckups I'm pretty sure
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the distortion is kinda flabby i dislike it. having the word distortion in it doesnt make it good for anything.
i say the JB/JAZZ or check out the CUSTOM (SH-5)
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The DimeBucker is very weak and trebly, not a good pickup. No warmth.
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