nothing incredibly original.
but whatever. listen. now.

EDIT: i think i might add something
in the middle just as a change of pace.
but i don't know where to put it in.
does anyone have any suggestions?

I just want to sleep forever.

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i liked it alot, my head was bopping along to it n everythin, especially liked the bit from 44-49..almost made me sex pee :P. maybe add a solo?
Lol did you watch the episode of Friends where danny devito was a stripper today? Cuz i sure did!
And I liked it
i do like the intro, although maybe the distorted part at bar 5 is repeated 2 times too many, maybe cut that down to a 2 part repeat. Good melody in bar 20 onwards, and nice flowing rhythm work in bar 26. Nice lead work back into the harmony at bars 44-49. The only thing that i think could really improve it would be a bit more length, maybe at the end of bar 49 rather then going straight back into the melody put a bit of a solo there or a few more riffs. Overall its pretty good, keep it up (the title made me laugh too)!

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That was pretty awsome, i like the use of the dissonence. The chorus i guess it would be was also pretty awsome. i would work on the ending though cause i don't like that it stops suddenly, i think it should fade out in this song.
I thought it was good...not your best, but then again I've seen you at your best. I think you should show all these guys how good you really are by reposting some of your older stuff like Floral Skyscrapers or any of those other ones that were amazing...although i do like that you write in the same style most of the time...heck AC/DC put out the same album 17 times.
the verse in bar 44 is the only thing that stood out to me. on a related not on what darksonata was talking about i think ur kinda of falling into a style and sticking with it. it seems to me like clean jazz guitar and ridiculous dissonance fascinates you and you may be overusing it. ur last post or the one before, idr, with those bluesier riffs stood out to me, thats the stuff thats gonna stand strong and and still let me know its u thats writing it

soo much n00bage
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