my very first recording - an instrumental, actually.

Here's My setup (in the order i used for recording);
Guitar(Ibanez SA220FMTL)
Amp(Roland Cube 60)
Mic(Philips MD150)
Mixer(Behringer ub502)
LineIn on Soundcard(Creative Audigy)
Audacity to mix

plz dont hate, i know there are bits which sound off, but hey, it was hot (temperature wise) when i recorded and im pretty happy with it.

Plz comment on the quality of the recording (take into consideration the gear listed above)

thanks and enjoy!
How'd you get the drums?

Also, I liked it.
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Ok immediately i'm struck by the great quality of the recording. With the equipment you have I was expecting it to be half decent anyway

Actual playing is good, i've never heard the song, but your tone on those licks is nice a shade of blue I love these laid back jams, good job.

Crit mine??

Quote by JJK
How'd you get the drums?

Also, I liked it.

I used BeatCraft for the drums - I gotta say, it has to be the easiest drum software ive used so far.

ask_withnail - ill crit when i get home from uni.

thanks for the crits btw.