anyone have it? is it amazing?

btw, can someone find me a shop online that actually has this in stock?!?! I don't wanna wait like 2 more days!!
I've never seen a bass so resembling of a URL before. Nice!

But seriously, fix that pic or hook us up with a link.

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Sounds to me like an excuse.

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when i hold my mouse cursor over the topic in the thread list it gave a link to the schecter studio 5 string bass...so that's what i'll assume you're talking about.

I own the 4string version and i love and cherish it. much much much versatility and the neck is amazing. The first time I played on it, it felt so comfortable. And the preamp is quite nice too great for those little tweaks you wanna make to your sound or even an all out tone overhaul if you need to.And of course the best thing about it ... it's beautiful... the pictures look great but they still do it no justice. I'd say go for it.
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