hey, ive only been playing guitar for a year and only been using GP for a couple months, so i am what you would like to call.."a newbie". this is like, one of the first things ive ever written on guitar and id like to know what people think of it. i cant write music for drums or bass so ive left that out cause if i tried id just feck it up lol, if anyone wanted to add some drums or a bass into it then be my guest xD i would appreciate it. anyhoo... enough of the rambling.

pretty simple and easy to play song, im not sure what genre it would fit under tho

Crit for Crit? thanks
Cheer for rain.zip
probobly punk, emo or modern rock

sorry if thats an insult to you, but thats the only genres i can think of when listening to that
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but yeah its fine
Definitely needs drums, and bass. I liked it, tho. Would go great with singing. Nice and happy song

About drums/bass... The only way you'll ever learn to do it is by just doing it. It'll start sounding good eventually. Trust me.

Genre? I dunno. Rock, I guess. I really don't know.
You've got some great riffs in there, it just needs some structuring and drums and bass. It does remind me of rain for some reason lol. Good job!
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Sorry I posted on my own thread for your song haha, but basically I liked it a lot. It sounds like a stylized and faster form of ballad. The arpeggios are really neat, and I would like playing the song myself actually.
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Yeah, for someone who has been playing only for a year this is amazing.
i loved what the guitar on track 2 was doing, especially bars 50-70, that's great melody.
the only thing i didn't like was when the two guitars started playing in the intro, around bars 5-7, they didn't compliment each other well, but other than that it was an excellent piece.

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thanks for the comments and suggestions guys really means alot. anyone fancy helping me out with the structure? im not quite sure how to go about that =\ still new to me :P im gunna attempt to add a bass line and a drum beat to it, and maybe tweak a few of the riffs. not sure yet, i'll keep you posted

i dont think the genre really matters tbh, as long as it sounds good then im happy
I really liked it. The only thing wrong is it gets boring while only one track is playing. Maybe add some drums to make it a little less boring.
Not bad, i tried a bassline for it but it's not an easy song to work with.

I like it though
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I actually really like this. It's really upbeat and I think with some nice drums and a decent bassline it could be a great song.

I, like other people have said, am bloody impressed at the ability of someone that's only played a year, nice work from your experience.

I especially like bars 12-21, there's some really nice lead work there that I think would really work well in a structured song.

Thanks alot for the crit, overall I'd give it an8.5/10, really nice work but I think with a little bit of structure you could definitely be on to something.
I liked it! Not my genre though... Nice pop-rock song, maybe expand it a little and add bass&drums.

I really enjoyed it it didnt really seem to fall under any one genre had a unique sound to it. I really liked bars 12-21 its kind of a nice harmony or solo im not sure what you were going for but it sounds good.

Well done 9/10
thanks again for the comments and suggestions . bars 12-21 is the chorus/interlude :P the solo, all 4 bars of it :P, starts at bar 50 lol ive tried putting a base line into it, and drums. but i suck so bad at it lol, but im not giving up :P gunna post up another song that ive been working on for a while tho =D
I actually really like this and I'm into death metal and black metal. I think it sounds great to me. I don't even think it needs vocals. Bass wouldn't add a whole lot to this piece and even drums arn't that needed. But, coudn't hurt if you added them. Overall 9/10

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GOod job man, it would sound pretty awesome with a live band.
Fav part are from 13 and up, reminds me the "good ol days" haha i dunno why though
nice job man! one year? wow!

this sounds like an orchestra, so much emotion

add some drums and bass

thanks for the crit, very much appreciated.

Yea you have a great song here, good riffs and very nice leads. It almost reminded me of Joe Satriani at some points, which is a good thing! Get some bass and drums down, and some good vocal work and it'll be amazing.
thanks for your great crit on Cold Fire

im going to be honest, once the intro riff started i definently thought the song was going to suck. I hated the intro riff. It was just very weird to listen to for some reason, i think it was the timing of it. Thats what i was thinking up until bar 13. That bend just sounded GREAT. And then it just really kicked off. Great stuff. were you going to add drums to this? because i think that would really pull it all together. I didnt like bar 30-32, it just felt out of place and didnt go along with the rest of the song. Overall, it was a nice song, i wanna put some drums to this, maybe i can send you a version later, but this song has got some potential
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