since I put high output humbuckers in my mexi strat would it be better to go ahead and upgrade the volume pots and whatever else is in there? Would it help my tone or make it sound any better? Right now I have a super distortion in the bridge, pro track in the middle and im fixing to put an air norton in the neck...so would any of these benefit from upgrades? And if so could you make me a list so i could just take it into the shop and know exactly what I need.
yeah it was all single coils when I got it, so Ill look into the 500k, what exactly is everything called that ill need. ive never messed with anything like that before but i have a friend who could put everything in for me.
So are those pickups already in there, or what?

500K Pots:

Shielding kit (This will reduce hum in your guitar. So if you play high gain stuff, this'll clear up all that hum and stuff.):

New capacitor (Get the .2 one.):
You don't "need" to. I didn't change pots after upgrading to 3 humbuckers (2 full sized and one stacked) and they work fine.
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1 meg pots +high gain buckers=metal

don't go for 1 meg for the tones tho. maybe 500
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