Hey, I need ideas for a school project. It's a big project - due at the end of the year. I want to do something guitar related (I mostly play acoustic), but I've had a hard time coming up with ideas I like. So I thought maybe some of you could help me!

Here are some examples of projects I could do.

Write a song
Build a guitar
Learn how to sing while playing guitar (im so bad at this )

So, any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
i know!

Write a song
Build a guitar
Learn how to sing while playing guitar

seriously man, those are so easy, why do anything else?
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go build a guitar. thats the most constructive thing you can do, and youll learn a thing or two out of it. seriously, you can just go to guitar center or something and pick up a kit for it.
are there any guidlines? write a song or something its not that hard. or organize a huge guitar performance thing at the end of the year where its like a competition thing or something with a bunch of crazy guitarisits like crossroads.
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that sounds like an easy project i would go with wut nirvana4lf said about the kit thing very simple plus you get another guitar out of it
play a song and show the people the different parts of the guitar and what the function of those pieces are. Maybe bring someone up and teach them an easy song or something

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hmm, kit idea sounds pretty good! I think I'll go with that, unless anyone has any other ideas...

thanks for the input!