ok, maybe not wildest, but pretty damn close. i just talked to this one drummer (and he plays bass) from my school ,and i am officially in a band, we found a rythm guitarist and someone who is able to play bass. we will practice every saturday(no exceptions) for 2 hours at the least. what are some easy classic rock songs to play as a whole band? i suggest the GNR version of knockin on heaven's door. i guess thats all i have for now, i also would like tips on building a succesful band.

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Sounds like a pretty good "wildest dream" to me! You gotta start somewhere keep it up its good to see the passion nowadays in kids!
Tips? Write, write, write, write, write, play a show, write write write. Etc.

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yo thats not very wild or exciting. you shouldnt have a practice schedule, and two hours is not enough time at all. and dont try to figure out easy classic rock songs write your own songs

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^^ do you two even know what your talking about? Alot of GnR is pretty easy, Beatles, EC's cover of , maybe a little Zeppelin (hearbreaker, you shook me, black dog, etc.). Its good to have a practice schedule, be sure to stick with it. two hours at least sounds good to me, i dont really see a problem with it. Practice as often as you can, as long as you can. Good luck!
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thanks guys
we are gonna write our own stuff, but just to get familiarized completely with style/ideas
we know eachothers musical tastes
but none of us have been in a real band before

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Rainbow in the Dark/Holy Diver by Dio
and good for you mate, i'm glad you've found yourself some decent people to play with

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start off with the rythm guitar playing some chords in a key(2 or 3) should be fine.
Then have the drumer work a beat to it. After he gets settled in with it and once he/she's set run the pentatonics on top of it. Then switch it up a bit you take rythm and fill it in a little while they take over lead.
This will help you to get a feel of how to play together and will give you a taste of different styles among the group. Its very simple and very fun. and much easier than tring to learn a song the first day!!!

hope this helped!!!!!!!!!!!!
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