I know that there are many classical songs that have been played on bass, tapping and such. But I'm looking for some classical songs that I can brake down and transcribe on bass. I'm just lacking actual sheet music.

So if any of you know of some sites with sheet music, or chords/scales/keys of classical songs please refer them to me.

And any songs that you would like to suggest.

Hopefully this will be fun and interesting.

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You may want to check here for song suggestions


Also, check out www.bassbooks.com . They have a whole section on bass "Classical" sheet music.

Also check out this site


I would also start haunting your used book shops and library sales. I picked up the entire score for "Rites to Spring" once for a mere 50 cents (USD). Haven't tried to play it on bass yet though.
its not really for you to transcribe yourself but bassmasta.net has a perfect tab for the fur elise
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Ohh, thank you very much! I've just been drawn into the classical area for some reason lately. I just get engrosed with certain things. I just love to learn all about the stuff musically that I get into, I like to take it all in, I'm kind of like a musical leech.

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