Hi, when i improvise in leads, solos, fills, whatnot, i tend to do alot of hammer-ons and pull-offs. i feel like i need more variety. i play blues and rock. Will you guys (and s) please take the time to explain some new things i could be doing to spice up my playing? thanks alot.
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chromatics, in the right spot can make things uber exciting.

try some different modes as well.

finally. try playing some ambient sounds. its fun!
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you need those bends and vibratos. also progressing solos with the song gives it a much better effect.
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mix certain scales. mix up the minor pentatonic with the blues scale (which is basically the minor pentatonic with a flat 5. also try and mix it up with some major pentatonics. and you can do short scale bursts or runs. those kinda liven it up.

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I head a solo a while back that had one note for 8 bars. This was a jazz band (not sure who though, some old dead guy i think). A trumpet played one note in different rhythms and it sounded really good.

But put in some bends and vibratos like unsignedrecords said. And like krnr said, chromatics sound wicked cool in the right place. In jazz band for our term project, we were in groups of 3 and we had to play through a song with everyone talking a 16 bar solo. And what I did was play the root note (high Bb actually) and then did Bb, C, Bb, C#, Bb, D, Bb D#, etc etc. I did this really quick and i was surprised at how cool it made the whole thing sound. It just added some spice to the mix.
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What exactly are chromatics? I keep asking, but no one is telling.
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+ chromatics is just using a chromatic scale, the 12 note half-step scale

That's what a chormatic scale is, but that's not what he was asking. In the context of soloing (the way the others giving advice are talking about it), it refers to notes which are not in the scale.

Simple example, if you're playing an ascending run through E natural minor, you could play

Or, you could play

Even though the C# isn't part of the scale, you can use it quickly as a chormatic passing tone.
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sometimes you could use bends and slides instead of hammer ons and pull offs.
if there's a chord being played under your solo, play an arpeggio of that chord.
learn how to sweep and tap to increase you speed, but don't overuse them.
throw some chromatics in every once in a while when it sounds cool.

just learn as many techniques as you can and try to apply them all when soloing.
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