Hi! Im young... dont know if it matters but ya...so im learning guitar...
and im currently learning wonderful by cheyenne


can someone tell me how to play it?
i know how, its chords but...

how to count it, and how many of each chord do i do, and do i strum all the strings and stuff like that would be ssswwweeeettt!
They are chords so you strum all the strings. This type of tab is only showing you the main chords or progression, not the actual tune or riffs.

But you should use the words as reference to when to change chords. The chord above the word is when you should change.
Listen to the song whilst reading the words and chords on the tab, and work out what the strumming pattern is by ear. When the chod changes in the tab, you know that's when you have to change chord, so if you're having trouble making the switch sound correct you're probably not strumming right. Just keep listening.
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