Alright, I am looking into purchasing my first acoustic-electric in the near future. I wanted your opinion on some brands or models to check out.

**First off, I am looking for one that has clear sound and is not muffled.
*-2nd, I prefer one made in the U.S.A.
*Last, Price Range: $150-600

Thanks for the help!

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I just special ordered an Alvarez ad60sc. I played Ovation, takamine, seagull, ibanez, fender, and a few others and this guitar just seemed to be above the others I tried in the 350.00-400.00 range. Sound is great, has a thinner neck than a takamine which is why I liked it. It felt more like my electrics. If you can find one, try it.

Yeah get the Alvarez AD60SC or some sort of Alvarez. Maybe the MD90 (I think thats the one) if you can afford it.
I have a Cole Clark Fat lady 1 much liek the Maton 225 but Cole Clark i prefered the Cole Clark alot over the maton dindt' really like the fell on the matons
Quote by Murph_DeVane
by 99 he meant 699 and that mrtin is subpar

He said his max was 600 dollars and I assume 699 minus 600 is 99, so I said 'you can fish out $99' as in an extra ninty nine dollars.