so much love to share
so much care in the world
your black skin, black hair, Cadillac (Yea)
Can you help me out?

I see her, see you
I can't believe it
So much care care for you now
I am goin..
To America
to see the blossoming crowds
the contradiction
the love in this world is all Gone (Gone)

so much love to share
so much care for you (Yea)
your skin so bare, so bare, oh yea (So easy)
Can you help me out?

I believe you, hate her
what a comfortable state
I am leavin....
leaving the blossoming flowers
the special edition
the overwhelming...

so much love to share
so care for your beauty (Oh Yea)
your eyes, your thighs, your beatufiul
Can you help me out?

I care you, feel her
such an awkward feeling
I am goin...
to Canada
the alchohal abusing
the growing place
such an awsome feel...

Cause i got you...


Sort of a diffrent feel i guess you could say...Sort of a slow moving song that picks up pace and the drops back down again. Its not much a rhyming state..i don't know what you could call it. But nonetheless.

In my opinion, it sounds good, as does it to my girlfriend. But maybe shes just saying that..Any opinions?