Like the title says, im new.

Currently i seem to be getting more and more into music...as with out it..i would die. I like Rap (Akon, Game, Eminem, 50 cent), Hip Hop(Justin Timberlake Nelly Furtado, Nas, T.I.) , Rock(Audioslave, Metallica, AC/DC, Nonpoint, My Chemical Romnce, etc), Heavy Rock (AFI, Alexisonfire) Crunk Rock (Lil Jon)

What do you guys THINK would be a good beginer's guitar? please not to spensive ^_^ im not rich
bahaah ^ i lol'ed at that
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first off...how is AFI heavy rock....and PLEASE learn how to spell
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first off...how is AFI heavy rock....and PLEASE learn how to spell

Ummm...i can spell fine...i didn't see any errors in MY ENGLISH. may not be your ENGRISH but please. AFI in my terms, is Heavy Rock with some of their songs, mmkay? I wasn't asking for flaming, i was asking for help...i lol'd at ghettocaster..lol xD
If Mettalica is "Rock" and AFI is "Heavy Rock" then...Emo is good?

Yea I know, it dosnt make any sense.
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give the guy a break, he isnt 1337 in genres he must fail, idiots. if you just want to play some guitar then maybe a jackson dinky, they are like $150 and have humbuckers and single coil. maybe an epiphone les paul special 2, decent first guitar for cheap. Think you can get the les paul with an amp tuner and wires for like $150 or so, shop around and good luck with it, its a steep learning curve
NOBODY says rap, 50 cent OR eminem in the same sentence as METALLICA! RAWWWRRR! (whoops i just did then.. thats beside the point though)
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@ ghettocaster LOL!

I appreciate that you're open to music, so thumbs up for you . I say get a fender strat or a epiphone les paul? Really cheap, only like 300-400 bucks? If you can spare that much that is.
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first off...how is AFI heavy rock....and PLEASE learn how to spell

y do every freak out over a cupple of spelling mistakes.. like geez u can still read it... and understand it
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Considering you are going to be new on electric guitar and shizzle, and are on a budget (which you havnt told us) I dont think it would matter what guitar you got really, as long as it is okay to play.

I know its probly gunna be flamed, but a Yamaha Pacifica (not the 012) arent too bad, just dont get a stagg or squire strat copies.