I wanna know theory so I know what chords to play when jamming to a song of a certain key, and also, just so people don't call me a n00b.

so like how do i figure out what a song is in etc.
Theres all sorts of lessons on this site that you can check out which will teach you theory and other helpful crap
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I seriously cant begin to tell you how refreshing it is to get some briliiant help from this site for once!

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Anyways, musictheory.net

Read everything you can there.
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as for mr. John mayer look into theory lessons at your local guitar store if you have a good teacher (usually older) to make sure they know their stuff mine sure does and he seems to have infinite music wisdom lol and he teaches me how to change the key of a song and how to know what key your playing in and what key to solo in and how to solo in that key + tons more so look into a teacher its better to have it explained to you with some 1 who knows how to and can show you how if your doing it wrong