i posted this in the customizing forum but nobody replied. Anyhow, I bought a Fender Custom Classic guitar about 4 years ago and shortly after having it, a hazy, dull looking spot developed right where my right arm drapes over the body of the guitar. someone told me this is from my sweat. anyhow, this is a fairly expensive guitar and it makes me sick ever time I look at it. Does anybody have any idea what it will take to make this go away. I've polished and waxed it a few times. I got the guitar fresh from the Custom Shop and I don't think the finish was completely cured.
thats actually the nitrocellulose finish wearing down. They use nitro to allow the wood breathe more, which evidentially gives you better tone. The downside, or in my opinion the cool effect, is that it wears down after awhile. An alternative finish to nitro is a polyester finish which is found mostly on mexican strats. In 5 years it might look like this Mike McCready
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It's just your sweat, oils and whatever else is on your arm soaking into the finish. It has absolutely nothing to do with nitro, as the Fender Custom Classics are finished in poly. There's really nothing you can do short of stripping the polyurethane on the body and refinishing it. Try washing your arm off before you play, and try not to make contact with the the cutaway while play.

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There was a guy that told me he put rubbing alcohol on one of his instruments and it drew the moisture out.. but that was an upright bass. I still wonder if it might have the same effect?