Boss Metal Zone. I haven't heard too much about it...
how bad is it?

If its awful, whats a good pedal to take its place?
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i own a metalzone... and its good if you know how to eq... people say it sucks... but i think its decent if you eq it right... along with the amp you're running through...
Absolutely horrid. A DS-2 or two OD pedals on at the same time (preferred) will sound much better.
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It's this bad:


that bad. I just measured its bad.
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To make it sound good you need an EQ pedal, or use an overdrive after it to beef it up a little. It sounds very shrill on its own. You can get the same sound with a nice distortion + overdrive combo.
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i own one and its great...
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Dude skip it. Seriously, most everyone who thinks they like it agree that it "only sounds good with a good amp" or it "only sounds good with an EQ pedal". Its like...'why dont you just buy a pedal that sounds good alone?'
Thanks guys.

So would a Turbo Distortion be ok?
Do you like anime/manga?
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do consider sansamp gt2 and MI audio tubezone too
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