I just wanna be, another person..
Of this god forsaken
Community tree house, we all live in
The blood of our tears
are getting no where
What ever happend...to our fear?

Its all broken into peices
i took the fall
Look at your hands
Look at your wrists
its just seems like..the razor bla-hade..neveh missed

I just wanna see, another person
Take on the world..like i did, ever-e day
this god forsaken, never breaken.. world of today
We all live in it now
Scream aloud
Now step away, from my mistakes

The broken people
The shattered faces
Going no where
That ends today
the people are living
The people are sharing
the people are going ho-home, now

I just wanna see, another day
Of this misery
The glass is broken, on the floor
Why the **** did we do this for?
God must hate us, jesus loves us
We never finished, our trust.

Get a mirror,
look at yourself,
Your such a mess,
but you don't wanna be, somebody else,
Lifes a bitch, now never forget it.


Its a diffrent song, again.

I like it, it sounded good in my head atleast :O

I'd try to avoid using razor blades and wrists in the same song. It automatically makes some people not want to hear it, since it's been done 10,000 times, even though it doesn't seem like you're using it in that manner.