No there wont be... they know they would just be dragging it 2 long.

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Yep, Jigsaw breaks his leg. Afterwards he goes insane thinking he is going through the same treatmen he gave his victims, in the hospital.
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Damn it you beat me!

haha it was bound to happen
I was disappointed by the 3rd one
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no. he only has a minute to find his daughter. no one is going to make a minute long movie. it would suck. your best hope for a sequel would be a copycat killer but they shouldnt make any more sequels cuz 3 saws is enough.
at the end he said i want to play a game... and the guy had to find the girl.

the guy that escaped the bathroom the girl tried to kill, jigsaw said he fixed her mistakes so he could still be alive.

what was the deal with the blonde girl n the flashback of jigsaws life?

what if saw 3 was just a dream or something... eh ive seen far worse storylines

but i love teh gore...
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