im starting to learn how to tap and cant seem to make any noise with my fingers, it works just fine if i use my pick, when i watch videos of guitarits tappping they also use their fingers, by me using my pick is that technically incorrect??
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some people use fingers. some use pick. picks work, but wont give you as much variety when you get into more advanced tapping
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You just gotta get used to it. You use a pick because your fingers start hurting, no? Just like when you started playing, your fingers started hurting. Take it in small doses.
Your picking hasn't built up callouses yet. Just keep trying. I had the same problem.
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And with tapping, turn the amp up much louder than normal. Tapping is very quiet so turn it up.
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^ i wouldn't really say turn it up, the thing with tapping is that you have to tap hard, you need to really smack the string when you hit it. you can tap with a pick but im preferable of using fingertips b/c i find it easier to be accurate and i think the sound is a lot smoother than with a pick. as the above commentor stated, if you're not using your fingertips cuz it hurts then i recommend taking it one step at a time and building up the callouses the best you can.
you shouldn't have to make any changes to get it sound correctly. Its really just learning where, and how hard to tap correctly. It just takes time
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What I started doing when I first started was unwittingly stroking the string, as opposed to hitting a definite note further up the neck, it was only a few months later I realised there was no change in sound no matter where I tapped, so I pressed HARDER on the strings (of your martyr haha) but seriously, you need the skin on your tapping finger to go tough and hard like that skin on your fretting hand.
i just started tapping with all 4 fingers on my picking hand. It takes time to get used to the motion, but you just have to try to stay consistent. Obviously, going slow helps.

I also use my thumb of my picking hand on the side of the fretboard.
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