In that song ,"The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades", starting at around 3:50, can anyone tell me what that instrument is in the background, that kinda wavers above the others. Its not particularly busy sounding. I would liken it to the Ocarina in Zelda actually.

Its such a beautifull sound, i've gotta learn that instrument.
Not sure. Definately a wind instrument though. Good to see another Sufjan fan outside of Alt/Indie though.
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I've only heard his John Wayne Gacy which is a great song.

get "illinois"
Yeah Godzilla, I dont like much indie apart from Sufjan. He's very unique. Know any other artists like him?

And might it be a tin whistle? That might be it.....
I dunno I just listened to a live recording on you tube. and the only thing around that time was a viola...

anyoen feel like posting sound clips?