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I either have to have music playing or tv on. I cannot sleep without noise.

anybod else?
if i really can't sleep i'll turn the tv to a channel that won't come in. white noise is amazing.
i need complete silence and complete darkness
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I sleep with the sound of the fan whirring. I use to listen to Triple J until I realised theres only 2 out of 7 days where they play decent music so what is the point.
Nothing. I had a roommate once who had the TV on late into the night. Annoying as hell. Well, I guess there is the fan whirring.
Silence and complete darkness. Otherwise I won't fall asleep.
i like pitch dark mmmm thats good and white noise is really cool to have u seen the movie
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Last night I slept while listening to Bach.

owww look at little miss culture
I need a fan on at all times. Since I lived in the city all my life I would hear constant noises that would make me asleep. Now I live in the desert to coyotes howling. I always need a fan on to keep me sane in the night.
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Last night I listened to music, didn't get to sleep until 4ish but I woke up at 10 so it was all good.

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I need the window open (no matter how cold), the fan on, no lights and no noise. I'm odd like that. I listen to music until I'm a bit drowsy and then just sleep in silence.
I gotta have music going, the ads on the radio piss me off though so i resort to cassettes.
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Adult Swim/infomercials.

If music is playing i will NEVER sleep. I will be listening. Even if it's music i can not stand.
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i sleep with some lights on, i used to turn my radio on too cuz i needed noise to drown out the voices, just playin, but if i had a good mp3 player i would use it, but for now i gave up the radio cuz im too lazy
i need music in my ears or a guitar in my hands, it's impossible for me to sleep with complete silence
I can fall asleep no matter what's on. tv, music, it doesnt matter. But if its up to me i turn everything off and go with the silence
ESPN or some kind of musiic. it must be DARK, VERY COLD, and some sort of noise for me to sleep...
i listen to music (usually Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here', Tool '10,000 Days', or Alice In Chains 'Dirt') until I feel tired, then turn it off and fall asleep. Or I listen to podcasts of my favorite talk show on my radio station. Those are always funny, but hard to fall asleep while listening. TV, Movies, and video games just make it harder to sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, either study or jerk it. they both work with flying colors (pun intended).
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I listen to the radio or my itunes library that consists of Green Day, Lost Prophets, etc. i turn it off automatically when im about to go to sleep though
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I listened to "Leviathan" last night when i couldnt sleep. fell asleep somewhere in "Hearts Alive"
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i need something making noise or else i cant sleep. whatever comes on the playlist. its usually something like dream on and nothing else matters, and similar songs on repeat...
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i sleep to pink floyd and portishead
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oh yeah, air is good for sleeping to. especially the virgin suicides soundtrack of theirs.
I'm quite a self-deprecating person. - PJ Harvey
Usually music. doesn't matter which kind, as long as there is music playing. My fan is usually on also.
well i like to have my body warm but my face cold so i use blankets but keep the fan on. and as far as music i absolutely LOVE listening to the mars volta when im going to sleep. i guess its almost like white noise at some points because its got a lot of ambiance type stuff going on. so yeah...
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If I really can't sleep i'll read a boring book....I get about 1 page in and fall asleep. XD....not good for assignments when I fall asleep only to wake up at 2 with nothing done and the book on my chest still.
I prefer the sound of silence.
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All sorts of stuff, but I sleep best to Savatage's "Steets" album.

The piano and calm singing in most of the songs makes the album very relaxing.
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